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by Elisa Kafritsas


Hi, I'm Elisa

My parents gave me the name Elisa, in honor of Beethoven's "For Elise", which my mother loved very much, as an Italian twist on my half-Sicilian origins. I started taking piano lessons at the age of 6, strongly encouraged by my Korean mother, who, despite being exhausted after her work shift as a nurse, took me to piano lessons while catching up on her sleep in the next room of the piano room. My teacher, who recognized talent in me, let me perform publicly in the cityhall Göppingen as a 7-year-old girl after just one year of teaching.

"Pianotaste meets..." concerts

Would you like to have a delightful evening in a magical atmosphere, accompanied by classical music? Then feel free to come to one of my „Pianotaste meets...“ concerts and be enchanted by top-class pianists. 


Piano competitions / challenges by @Pianotaste

Take part in my next piano competition / challenge and measure yourself with talented pianists from all over the world. No matter if beginner, amateur or professional pianist: there is a matching category for everyone. You will also be rated (free of charge, of course) by a professional jury. The winners of each category will receive a great prize.

Piano competitions

You want to prove your piano skills and get judged by a professional jury? Then take part in one of my next piano competitions for free and get the chance to win a prize!


Piano challenges

Join my next piano challenge and have fun showing your piano talent to the world. Everyone playing the piano can take part, no matter of his skills.

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Pianotaste shop

Visit my shop and get a concert ticket for one of my next "Pianotaste meets..." concerts, for an evening in a wonderful ambience. @Pianotaste Merch is now also available.

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