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Charity piano concert with star pianist Professor Laurens Patzlaff

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Immerse yourself in the sonorous world of piano improvisation!

After the grandiose, almost sold-out concerts last year at Schloss Solitude (gastronomy), despite the pandemic, the "Pianotaste meets..." piano concert series will be continued this year with a charity concert in the historic walls of the Alte Kelter in Affalterbach.

All proceeds from the donation will be donated to a non-profit organization for on-site medical care in the hospitals in Ukraine.

Elisa Kafritsas, amateur pianist and known for her piano Instagram account @Pianotaste with over 64,000 followers, has worked hard and put this concert on its feet, which will not incur any costs and the entire proceeds will be donated. The celebrated and internationally renowned pianist and professor, Laurens Patzlaff (already played in "Pianotaste meets Schlossgastronomie Schloss Solitude" 2021) waives his fee and will enchant us with his improvisational skills in classical music on the grand piano. The municipality of Affalterbach provides the venue and the grand piano free of charge.

The concert is really suitable for ears that don't normally listen to classical music. The improvisation, which also incorporates "modern stylistic elements", gives the music a completely new character.

Location: Affalterbach Bürgerhaus Kelter

Date: 4/30/22

Time: 5 p.m

Registration directly via Pianotaste (Dr. Elisa Kafritsas) by email:

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Marcel Tanbic
Marcel Tanbic
27 de abr. de 2022

Ich freue mich drauf!

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